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The accordion is an element of user interface with similar functionality to tabs, but with vertical orientation rather then horizontal. Accordion is built with a list of items which respond to a click or touch by expanding content associated with that item. This collection showcase the best free CSS and HTML accordions. You can easily use them to create navigation menu on your website.

CSS Responsive animated Accordion

Css responsive animated accordion
Demo Image: CSS Responsive animated Accordion
Animated accordion with CSS3 and some simple javascript.
Made by Chris Wright on November 20, 2013
demo and code

Multi-level Accordion

Multi level accordion
Demo Image: Multi-level Accordion
Flat design accordion with as many nested levels as you need.
Made by Ryan Bobrowski on August 10, 2013
demo and code

Accordion Menu

Accordion menu
Demo Image: Accordion Menu
Accordion menu with jQuery no Plugins.
Made by Agustin Ortiz on September 27, 2014
demo and code

Sexy Accordion

Sexy accordion
Demo Image: Sexy Accordion
jQuery accordion from sexy collection
Made by Srdjan Pajdic on April 22, 2014
demo and code

Accordion with CSS3 & HTML5 only

Accordion with css3 and html5 only using radio button
Demo Image: Accordion with CSS3 and HTML5 only
Advantages of the properties of "radio button" to create accordion effect using only HTML and CSS.
Made by C├ęsar Gabriel on August 24, 2013
demo and code

Accordion menu

Favorite books accordion menu
Demo Image: Accordion menu
Made by JuliaRietveld on June 08, 2016
demo and code

Simple Accordion Concept

Simple accordion concept
Demo Image: Simple Accordion Concept
Made by Kyle Brumm on August 11, 2016
demo and code
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