10 CSS Analog Clocks

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This collection showcase free analog clocks with moving hands, and hours marked from 1 to 12, created using CSS3, HTML and JavaScript.

CSS3 Working Clock

CSS3 working clock
Demo Image: CSS3 Working Clock
Working CSS3 analog clock, using CSS animations and shapes, without any images or JavaScript.
Made by Ilia on February 08, 2013
demo and code

Wall Clock in CSS3

Wall clock in css3
Demo Image: Wall Clock in CSS3
Pure CSS3. No scripts. No images. No SVG.
Made by Nick Rassadin on February 24, 2013
demo and code

Flat Clock

Flat clock
Demo Image: Flat Clock
Inspired by MomentJS's homepage clock
Made by Joseph Shambrook on June 20, 2013
demo and code

Clock widget

Clock widget
Demo Image: Clock widget
Clock Widget HTML CSS
Made by charlie on August 01, 2013
demo and code

Rotating Clock

Rotating clock
Demo Image: Rotating Clock
Click the CLOCK to change the style.
Made by Vicio Bonura on April 20, 2016
demo and code

Analog Clock

Analog clock
Demo Image: Analog Clock
Made by Sergey Stoma on October 05, 2013
demo and code

SVG Analog Clock

Svg analog clock
Demo Image: SVG Analog Clock
Made by Nicolas Udy on December 24, 2015
demo and code

24 Hours Analogic Clock

24 hours analogic clock
Demo Image: 24 Hours Analogic Clock
Made by Gissehel on November 12, 2016
demo and code

Not Fancy Clock (Vue)

Not fancy clock vue
Demo Image: Not Fancy Clock (Vue)
Made by Samantha Ming on July 05, 2018
demo and code

Pure CSS3 Simple Digital and Analog clock

Pure css3 simple digital and analog clock
Demo Image: Pure CSS3 Simple Digital and Analog clock
Made by Shankar Bhattarai on May 16, 2016
demo and code
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