5 CSS Animated Backgrounds

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Web designers to give websites attractive and eye-catching look often use animations. There is nothing on the way to create the whole background with animation however, in most cases only separate panels are using animations to not distract users. In this article, we will present a collection of free CSS animated backgrounds. Most of them used pure CSS other need a little JavaScript code to run.

Pure CSS Gradient Background Animation

Pure css gradient background
Demo Image: Pure CSS Gradient Background Animation
Made by Manuel Pinto on May 13, 2016
demo and code

Animating Background

Animated background
Demo Image: Animating Background
Made by Roger Adams on November 02, 2013
demo and code

Animated Ripples background

Animated ripples background
Demo Image: Animated Ripples background
Made by Vaibhav Arora on January 01, 2019
demo and code

Infinite SVG Triangle Fusion

Infinite svg triangle fusion
Demo Image: Infinite SVG Triangle Fusion
Made by Rob DiMarzo on December 16, 2018
demo and code

Sliding Diagonals Background Effect

Sliding diagonals background effect
Demo Image: Sliding Diagonals Background Effect
Made by Chris Smith on August 04, 2017
demo and code
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