10 CSS Checkboxes

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Checkbox is an element of GUI that allows users to make a true or false choice. This collection showcase well crafted checkboxes with different than usual look.

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Day & Night Checkbox

Day and night checkbox
Demo Image: Day & Night Checkbox
An absolutely css3 checkbox
Made by Lionel T on June 11, 2013
demo and code

Checkmark Animation

Checkmark animation
Demo Image: Checkmark Animation
Checkbox with animation
Made by Danian on June 15, 2017
demo and code

Simple checkbox switcher

Simple checkbox switcher
Demo Image: Simple checkbox switcher
Checkboxes + labels + little jquery
Made by Artyom on February 10, 2017
demo and code

Pure CSS Animated Checkbox

Pure css animated checkbox
Demo Image: Pure CSS Animated Checkbox
A pure html/css animated checkbox
Made by PaweĊ‚ Durczok on December 13, 2016
demo and code

Checkbox Trickery: Simple Toggle

Checkbox trickery simple toggle
Demo Image: Checkbox Trickery: Simple Toggle
Basic formula for controlling the look and feel of a checkbox. No JavaScript.
Made by Will Boyd on June 16, 2015
demo and code

Flip checkbox

Flip checkbox
Demo Image: Flip checkbox
Made by Andreas Storm on February 09, 2019
demo and code

chippy checkbox inputs

Chippy checkbox inputs
Demo Image: chippy checkbox inputs
Made by Adam Quinlan on October 18, 2018
demo and code

Material Design Toggle

Material design toggle
Demo Image: Material Design Toggle
Made by Andreas Storm on May 09, 2018
demo and code

Check Boxes

Check boxes
Demo Image: Check Boxes
Made by Leonard Meagher on August 28, 2017
demo and code

Full CSS checkbox

Full css checkbox
Demo Image: Full CSS checkbox
Made by Timothee Guignard on February 05, 2017
demo and code
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