5 CSS Download Buttons

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Collection of free CSS and HTML download buttons with animations and progress meters. Buttons have simple to understand action. You can easily integrate then with your backend and adopt to your website if needed.

Download Button

Download button
Demo Image: Download Button
another css-only download button (=download box) with animation
Made by mghayour on October 16, 2013
demo and code

3D Download Button with Meter Progress

3d download button with meter progress
Demo Image: 3D Download Button w/ Meter Progress
Animated download button (icon uses one i element) with 3D transition download meter progress bar.
Made by Terence Devine on September 23, 2013
demo and code

Animated download button

Animated download button
Demo Image: Animated download button
Made by Hưng Nguyễn on September 14, 2016
demo and code

Download button with progress indicator

Download button with progress indicator
Demo Image: Download button with progress indicator
Foolproof designed this download button as part of an exercise that studied exiting button patterns.
Made by Foolproof on March 04, 2016
demo and code

Flat Download Button

Flat download button
Demo Image: Flat Download Button
Made by Dronca Raul on September 15, 2016
demo and code
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