10 CSS Games

June 18, 2019 No comments CSS Games

CSS and JS are a powerful tools used not only to give a website the look and feel but can be harnessed to other interesting projects like, for example, games. In this collection, we present the best, free and fully playable CSS games. Take a break and play for a while, we highly recommended.

Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic tac toe game
Demo Image: Tic Tac Toe Game
Made by Tigran on JUNE 01, 2019
demo and code

Break Out

Break out
Demo Image: Break Out
Made by ShrutiAgrwl on JUNE 02, 2019
demo and code

Spin game

Spin game
Demo Image: Spin game
Made by Thorn on JUNE 03, 2019
demo and code

Hotdog memory game in React

Hotdog memory game react
Demo Image: Hotdog memory game in React
Made by John Setiawan on MAY 30, 2019
demo and code

Local multiplayer pong

Local multiplayer pong
Demo Image: Local multiplayer pong
Made by Louis on MAY 30, 2019
demo and code

Sunset CSS Slots

Sunset css slots
Demo Image: Sunset CSS Slots
Made by Piotr Galor on MAY 08, 2018
demo and code

Kill the birds

Kill the birds game
Demo Image: Kill the birds
Made by Elad Shechter on JANUARY 21, 2014
demo and code

Follow the Point

Follow the point
Demo Image: Follow the Point
Made by Tobias Reich on MARCH 17, 2017
demo and code

Pure CSS minesweeper

Pure css minesweeper
Demo Image: Pure CSS minesweeper
Made by Bali Balo on OCTOBER 06, 2016
demo and code

CSS/HTML Platform Game

Css html platform game
Demo Image: CSS/HTML Platform Game
Made by Nathan Taylor on FEBRUARY 17, 2017
demo and code
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