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The input field is one of the interaction controls where the user can enter a value and send it to the website backend. In this collection we showcase free css inputs fields, with modern material design and nice animations. You can use them to enhance the look and feel of your form or to encourage users to enter their email addresses to the subscribers list.

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Input Live Style Changer

Input live style changer
Demo Image: Input Live Style Changer
This input can change his style via 3 buttons to serious, modern or cheeky with a nice style animation.
Made by Benjamin Koehler on May 02, 2017
demo and code

CSS-only Material Inputs

Css only material inputs
Demo Image: CSS-only Material Inputs
Material Design style input fields.
Made by Lewis Robinson on June 25, 2016
demo and code

Dot Digit Input

Dot digit input
Demo Image: Dot Digit Input
The nice input with dots that you fill. One of my YouTube subscribers asked me how to do that you can find that on some websites this cool thing. And I was wondering how they do that. Some messed up tricks and wacks and we got this. It also works on the phone
Made by Godje on April 23, 2017
demo and code

Minimal Material Design Form Input

Minimal material design form input
Demo Image: Minimal Material Design Form Input
Super easy and fully scalable Material Design form input. Change one variable to change the size of everything.
Made by Kyle Lavery on December 03, 2015
demo and code

Nearly CSS3 Animated Search Input

Nearly css3 animated search input
Demo Image: Nearly CSS3 Animated Search Input
CSS3 animated search in input field. Focus animation was achievable entirely in CSS, JS was required for blur and submission animations.
Made by Wayne Dunkley on April 16, 2015
demo and code

Email Input Validation behavior - JS and SCSS

Email input validation behavior js and scss
Demo Image: Email Input Validation behavior - JS and SCSS
Email Input Validation
Made by Elior Tabeka on April 22, 2016
demo and code

Simple input with animated label

Input with animated labels
Demo Image: Input with animated label)
Made by Andreas Storm on June 15, 2018
demo and code

CSS Only Floated Labels

Css only floated labels
Demo Image: CSS Only Floated Labels
Made by Nick Salloum PRO on September 27, 2017
demo and code

Input Field Gradient Border Focus Fun

Input field with gradient border
Demo Image: Input Field Gradient Border Focus Fun
Made by Rik Schennink PRO on December 12, 2017
demo and code

Field Animations with CSS Custom Properties

Fiend animations with css custom properties
Demo Image: Field Animations with CSS Custom Properties
Made by Stas Melnikov on June 17, 2017
demo and code
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