10 CSS Like And Favorite Buttons

July 06, 2019 No comments CSS Code Examples CSS Like Favorite Buttons

Since the invention of the 'like button' by Facebook more and more web developers are using it to increase the views of articles by sharing them on social websites. The attractiveness of the 'like buttons' may become the main reason for liking our site. An eye-catching design is important in every field. In his collection, we showcase free CSS and HTML like/favorite buttons you can easily adapt to your and your website needs. With a little effort, you can also integrate theme with facebook like system.

Button Inspared By Twitter With HTML5/SVG & CSS3 Animations

Twitter like button html svg and css3 animation
Demo Image: Button Inspared By Twitter With HTML5/SVG & CSS3 Animations
The Twitter Like made only using SVG and CSS3 animations.
Made by Robeen on December 24, 2016
demo and code

Hover Intent Like button

Hover intent like button
Demo Image: Hover Intent Like button
Made by Sam Lillicrap on January 28, 2014
demo and code

Interactive splat like button

Interactive splat like button
Demo Image: Interactive splat like button
Made by Gowri Prasanth V M on October 12, 2016
demo and code

Animated Like Button

Animated like button
Demo Image: Animated Like Button
Made by Kieran Hunter on December 18, 2014
demo and code

Twitter like button

Twitter like button
Demo Image: Twitter like button
Made by mxra8 on May 06, 2016
demo and code

AngularJS Like Button With Animated Background

Like button with slide background
Demo Image: AngularJS Like Button With Animated Background
Made by Martin Jakubik on MAY 07, 2015
demo and code

Pure CSS favorite button

Pure css favorite button
Demo Image: Pure CSS favorite button
Made by Jamie Coulter on MARCH 18, 2015
demo and code

Heart Like Button Toggle

Heart like button toggle
Demo Image: Heart Like Button Toggle
Made by Austin Dudas on October 09, 2017
demo and code

Facebook Like button

Facebook like button
Demo Image: Facebook Like button
Made by Mohammed Alozaibi on August 26, 2016
demo and code

Like Button with JS

Like button with js
Demo Image: Like Button with JS
Made by Jorge Reyes on March 09, 2019
demo and code
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