5 CSS Link Styles

November 14, 2017 No comments CSS Code Examples CSS Links

Links are the most important navigation elements on the web. It is nice to have them in an unconventional style so users will easily notice where their are. This collection present free CSS & HTML links with different styles using css3 animations and beautiful effects.

Fancy text shadow link underline
Demo Image: Fancy text-shadow link underline
Made by Ryan on June 25, 2017
demo and code
Corner border link
Demo Image: Corner Border Link
Made by Vian Esterhuizen on September 26, 2017
demo and code
New link underline wired style
Demo Image: New Link Underline (Wired-Style)
Made by MrPirrera on March 02, 2015
demo and code

Underline hover test

Underline hover test
Demo Image: Underline hover test
Made by Elwin van den Hazel on July 12, 2017
demo and code
Arrowed link circle on hover
Demo Image: Arrowed link - circle on hover
Made by Alexandre Jolly on May 21, 2017
demo and code
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