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Asynchronous service calls (AJAX) on websites are now standard and everyone using it. It is good practice to present user a loading icon showing that request is being processed on the backend. In this collection we showcase the best and free CSS and HTML loaders which you can use to inform users of your website that something is going on on the background.


Demo Image: Preloaders
Made by Dom on September 08, 2017
demo and code

Pure CSS Loaders kit

Pure css loaders kit
Demo Image: Pure CSS Loaders kit
Single Element pure CSS Spinners & Loaders
Made by Viduthalai Mani on January 11, 2014
demo and code


Demo Image: Loader
loader css3 with compass
Made by Vallée Antoine on December 18, 2013
demo and code

CSS3 Loaders

Css3 loaders
Demo Image: CSS3 Loaders
Fun with CSS3 Keyframes
Made by Siddharth Parmar on November 25, 2014
demo and code

Infinite domino loader

Infinite domino loader
Demo Image: Infinite domino loader
This loader shows a set of white bars—who represent dominos—that fall to the right; like dominos.
Made by Michiel Bijl on March 03, 2015
demo and code


Loader circular
Demo Image: Loader Circular
Circular loader
Made by Fabrizio Bianchi on August 22, 2014
demo and code

Newton's Cradle Loader

Newton cradle loader
Demo Image: Newton's Cradle Loader
An animated loader of Newton's cradle.
Made by Matt Smith on November 27, 2014
demo and code
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