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We use pagination to divide a document list into discrete pages. Since mobile applications are getting more and more popular, designers trying to create pagination components that will adjust to any screen sizes. This collection showcase the best free css paginations that looks great and are ready for mobile devices.

Infinite Pagination

Infinite pagination
Demo Image: Infinite Pagination
Made by Mariusz Dabrowski on April 27, 2017
demo and code

Responsive Magic Line Pagination

Responsive magic line pagination
Demo Image: Responsive Magic Line Pagination
Create a magic line for your pagination. It looks awesome.
Made by Ryan Yu on January 21, 2015
demo and code

Responsive Flexbox Pagination

Responsive flexbox pagination
Demo Image: Responsive Flexbox Pagination
Made by William H. on February 21, 2015
demo and code

Responsive Pagination

Responsive pagination arrows
Demo Image: Responsive Pagination
Made by Tommy Hodgins on March 21, 2016
demo and code

SVG Page Hopper

Svg page hopper
Demo Image: SVG Page Hopper
Made by Chris Gannon on March 11, 2016
demo and code

Dot Hopper - Pagination

Dot hopper pagination
Demo Image: Dot Hopper - Pagination
Made by Elliot Geno on March 12, 2016
demo and code

Pagination CSS Counter

Pagination css counter
Demo Image: Pagination CSS Counter
Made by Will Boyd on November 07, 2014
demo and code
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