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Searching for information on the internet has become a daily routine for many people nowadays. Therefore, it is important to provide the ability to search the content of every bigger website. In this collection, we showcase the best free CSS and HTML search forms which you can use on your website with little HTML and JS knowledge. Make your search bar look more attractive.

Search Input With Expand Animation

Search form with animation
Demo Image: Search Input With Expand Animation
Made by Adam Kuhn on September 21, 2016
demo and code

Search Input

Search input
Demo Image: Search
Simple search playing around with animations and positions.
Made by Aaron Taylor on August 15, 2016
demo and code
Material design search bar
Demo Image: Material Design: Search Bar
This is a Material Design Search bar that i am working on. Inspired by Google Material Design
Made by Matt Litherland on June 03, 2015
demo and code

Search bar transform

Search bar transform
Demo Image: Search bar transform
Search bar transform, UI and animation.
Made by Adrien Martinet on October 24, 2015
demo and code

Expanding text box/button

Expanding text box button
Demo Image: Expanding text box/button
A search button which becomes the search bar when clicked on, reducing the need for space and looking great the whole time. Supports virtually all browsers and touch, looks great, and Apple sort of stole it a little bit for their recent redesign.
Made by Sam Daitzman on February 21, 2014
demo and code

Beautiful CSS3 Search form

Beautiful css3 search form
Demo Image: Beautiful CSS3 Search form
Beautiful CSS3 Search form
Made by Memphis on APRIL 14, 2013
demo and code
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