6 CSS Social Buttons

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Social media have the power to boost visitors and popularity of our website in seconds. That why existing in that kind of media is very important for everyone who runs a website. In this collection we present the best free CSS and HTML social buttons you can use to encourage people to share your posts in popular social media sites.

Social Buttons

Social buttons animated
Demo Image: Social Buttons
Made by Dariusz Syncerek on June 11, 2017
demo and code

Social Buttons with Icon Fonts

Social buttons with icon fonts
Demo Image: Social Buttons with Icon Fonts
Another set of social buttons for anyone to use/take inspiration from. This set takes advantage of Font Awesome icon pack.
Made by David Pottrell on December 01, 2014
demo and code

Simple CSS Social Buttons

Simple css social buttons
Demo Image: Simple CSS Social Buttons
Stylish social buttons. Only CSS3
Made by Paul Vaxevanis on September 10, 2015
demo and code

Clean Social Buttons

Clean social buttons
Demo Image: Clean Social Buttons
Anyone is free to use these buttons!
Made by Michael Rossi on October 21, 2015
demo and code

Floating Social Buttons (Font Awesome)

Floating social buttons using font awesome
Demo Image: Floating Social Buttons (Font Awesome)
Made by Noah Fleitz on February 15, 2017
demo and code

Social Buttons

Social buttons
Demo Image: Social Buttons
Social buttons side by side
Made by Stefan Rusu on August 04, 2013
demo and code
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