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Tabs are used to enrich user interface, handle navigation on website and aggregate the content. This collection of free HTML tabs are using little to no JavaScript, so they are very easy to integrate. You can adapt them to your own needs fast.

Sexy Tabs

Sexy tabs
Demo Image: Sexy Tabs
Awesome tabs with smooth animation
Made by Srdjan Pajdic on February 09, 2014
demo and code

Pure CSS Tabs

Pure css tabs
Demo Image: Pure CSS Tabs
Just CSS, no JS!
Made by Wallace Erick on October 05, 2013
demo and code

Responsive CSS Tabs

Responsive css tabs
Demo Image: Responsive CSS Tabs
Responsive CSS Tabs
Made by Oliver Knoblich on May 21, 2014
demo and code

Toggle Tabs

Toggle tabs
Demo Image: Toggle Tabs
Toggle switch style tab navigation. Currently only works with two tabs.
Made by Derek Palladino on May 22, 2017
demo and code

Pure CSS Tabs With Indicator

Pure css tabs with indicator
Demo Image: Pure CSS Tabs With Indicator
Pure CSS Tabs.
Made by Alex on September 08, 2016
demo and code
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