How to compare the enum constants in Thymeleaf

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1. Introduction

In this article, we are going to show how to compare the enum constants in Thymeleaf. We will use special T syntax available in Spring Expression Language (Sp EL) to access a class-level field or method.

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2. Comparing enum constants

Let's consider we have the following enum structure that contains days of the week:

package com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model;

public enum DayOfTheWeek {

We can use T() syntax to get the static fields from enum object. The following template will render <span>Weekend</span> tag if the expression under ${day} will evaluate to SATURDAY or SUNDAY:

<span th:if="${day == T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).SATURDAY or day == T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).SUNDAY}" th:text="Weekend"></span>

The below example shows how to use enum values in th:switch-th:case statements:

<th:block th:switch="${day}">
    <span th:case="${T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).MONDAY}">work</span>
    <span th:case="${T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).TUESDAY}">work</span>
    <span th:case="${T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).WEDNESDAY}">work</span>
    <span th:case="${T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).THURSDAY}">work</span>
    <span th:case="${T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).FRIDAY}">work</span>
    <span th:case="${T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).SATURDAY}">weekend</span>
    <span th:case="${T(com.frontbackend.thymeleaf.enums.model.DayOfTheWeek).SUNDAY}">weekend</span>

3. Conclusion

In this short article, we presented the methods to compare enum constant values in Thymeleaf templates. We used the special T syntax available in Spring EL. It can be used to retrieve any static field or method from the Java objects.

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