How to get context path in Thymeleaf?

November 01, 2020 No comments Thymeleaf context path QA

1. Problem

We want to build a link that starts with a context path in Thymeleaf view. Additionally, we want to create this link in JavaScript.

2. Solution

To create a Context-relative URLs we need to use @ in th:href attribute like in the following example:

<a th:href="@{/test}">This is a test link</a>

if application was installed under http://localhost:8080/sampleapp that URL will look like the following:

<a href="/sampleapp/test">This is a test link</a>

Read more about how to create links in Thymeleaf here.

In case you need to define an URL in JavaScript code:

<script th:inline="javascript">
    var link = /*[[@{/test}]]*/ 'test';
    document.getElementById("user_link").href = link;

The /*[[ - ]]*/ syntax is used by Thymeleaf to evaluate variables used in JavaScript.

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