How to prettify/beautify request JSON in Postman

May 22, 2022 No comments Postman JSON Beautify format

1. Introduction

Postman is a very popular API platform for building and testing APIs. Developers around the world use this tool to prepare HTTP requests for REST APIs that use JSON as a data transfer format. In this short article, we show how to prettify/beautify request JSON data.

2. Prettify/beautify JSON using Beautify button

To prettify/beautify JSON in Postman, we could use the Beautify button that is located under the Cookies button.

Postman beautify prettify button

Let's check it in action:

Postman beautify prettify button new

3. Prettify/beautify JSON using shortcut ctrl+b

We could also use the shortcut: ctrl+b on windows and Linux, and cmd+b on Mac OS - a solution for those who don't like clicking.

Postman beautify prettify shortcut

4. Conclusion

This short article covered how to prettify JSON input data in Postmant tool.

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